Odd SpinRite Error

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Aug 6, 2022
Hoping Steve finds this helpful, more than anything. I Tried scanning a friend's old Win7 hard drive recently. It's a Samsung, 1TB, several partitions. I tried in Modes 5, 4, then 2, all producing this error in the exact same spot. First two partitions are extremely small, flew past those, but the instant it got to that 3rd partition...two beeps, indicating it's starting to find an issue...pause...DynaStat kicks in, started to run, then bam. This screen. Every time.

This isn't the original machine the drive was in, I'm currently using a very lightweight dedicated Atom powered box I found in the trash that I use for SpinRite. I've SpinRited several drives in this box, including some old slow 2TB Greens that took over 250 hours each. SpinRite has been helping me for over a decade. Which is why this bugged me enough to register and post it here.

I'm so confused at why this Division Overflow Error kept happening that I said "screw it, lemme see if it will wipe." I fire up DBAN, started a default wipe. DBAN got to about 30% before I wanted to try SpinRite again, because that division Overflow was happening in somewhere under 5%.

Now SpinRite is churning along...okay? You can see the remaining MB stutter briefly about every 2 seconds. It's not consistent, you know, like on a good drive.

TLDR it would give me this error within 30 seconds of starting the scan before I partially wiped the drive, now it's been running for 45 minutes dependably after I partially wiped it.

Maybe DBAN forced it to noticed a sector that killed SpinRite? After dozens and dozens of drives scanned, the one thing I know is it's really hard to kill SpinRite. It's hurting my brain, hopefully Steve can make sense of what his baby is doing from my rambling and make it not do this weird thing later.

Also, apparently the hugely insane image size of 3.21 MB of the default photo from my cellphone camera is beyond the limits of this website...in 2022. That's kinda annoying, but par for the course I guess.


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The division overflow error is a known error with SpinRite 6.0. Steve is aware of it.

SpinRite 6.1 will not have this error condition. :)

No need to hurt your brain over this one! :unsure:
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TLDR it would give me this error within 30 seconds of starting the scan before I partially wiped the drive
Yes, this is probably because SpinRite has an old world view of the partition table and your disk has a new world presentation. Perhaps your disk was partitioned with GPT instead of MBR?
doesn't sound partition table related

Well you're free to have your opinion of course, but when the OP said:

it would give me this error within 30 seconds of starting the scan before I partially wiped the drive

I assumed it was something related to the start of the drive/process, and guess what is at the start of the drive. I believe SpinRite attempts to make sense of the partition and file system so it could attempt to write logs into it if that option were enabled. (Not being the author, I am just guess here, as are you, so I was just making an assumption about what would make one drive fail and not all drives fail, and what would be "fixed" by DBAN.)