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    This forum does not automatically send notices of new content. So if, for example, you would like to be notified by mail when Steve posts an update to his blog (or of any other specific activity anywhere else), you need to tell the system what to “Watch” for you. Please checkout the “Tips & Tricks” page for details about that... and other tips!

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Notifications by Mail

Since we despise email SPAM, these forums are configured not to send email unless you request it. But that means if, for example, you want to know when Steve posts news of SpinRite or anything else to his blog forum, you must tell the system to let you know. It will not do that unless you ask.

Asking is easy: Anywhere you see a “Watch” button, you can click it to tell the system that you want to be informed of anything that happens there. You can choose to have it watch at the whole forum level for any new threads created – this is what you would want to watch Steve's blog, since he would be posting new blog topics – and/or also granularly for any new postings to threads:


In this example, you would visit Steve's blog page ( and click the “Watch” button in the upper right to obtain this dialog. The default is “Alerts” which should be changed to “Emails” to allow the forum system to reach out to you in the future. You can, of course, “Unwatch” at any time.

Notifications by RSS Feed

Those who prefer receiving notifications of events via RSS feed (Really Simple Syndication) may use RSS instead of, or in addition to, email. The footer of this site has an RSS icon which can be used to obtain a feed of the entire site. It has this URL:

But you can easily create RSS feeds for individual forums, like Steve's blog. This is done by appending “index.rss” to the end of the page's URL. Since the URL for Steve's blog is:

... the URL for the RSS feed is:

Your Custom Title

If you look at Steve's posts, you'll notice that beneath his avatar/photo and name it says “(as in GRC)”. And you may notice that other members have chosen to show their real name, their location, or other secondary information below their user ID. This is done by setting the “Custom Title” field under your “Account details.” You might consider doing this to provide a bit more personalization to your posts than just “Member” or “New Member”


Your Signature Line

Signatures are useful and can add personality to posts. But excessive, multi-line signatures can be a problem. They are inherently repetitive and if they are large they can consume a great deal of vertical screen space. For this reason the system limits signatures to a single line. But since that line may include a link, you're welcome to link to your profile where you have far more latitude to express yourself.

Username (UserID) Changes or Tweaks

If you're unhappy with any aspect of your UserID – its capitalization, punctuation, format or whatever – it's possible for it to be edited in any way that doesn't conflict with someone else's UserID. When that happens, all prior references will also appear changed. You can use the “Contact Us” link in our page footer, or initiate a conversation with Steve to explain what you'd like to change.

Anything else?

If you've discovered a useful tip or trick that might be of interest interest to others, drop Steve a note with your idea for possible inclusion here. And thanks so much for your interest in these forums and GRC's work!


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    Sep 24, 2020
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