[SOLVED] -- v6.0 CD boots to Spinrite splash screen and goes blank

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Mar 5, 2024
If this is a BIOS/UEFI or whatever setting problem then why does it boot to the splash screen Ok?
The screen just goes black after the splash screen. I'm running out of blank CDs and reburns only give same results so I don't want to burn more coasters, if that's what they are. What's going on? Anyone?
Hi @Randywfl and Welcome.

What kind of a computer are you running SpinRite on and what has made you use CD over USB boot?

If the machine is more recent then perhaps it might be worth diving into 6.1 as it's more compatible with newer machines.
I'm running a 15 yo Asus MB-P503 motherboard and far as I know unable to do a USB boot so I burn ISO to CD and boot from the CD to the Spinrite splash screen, but screen goes blank after that. I think I have only one more blank CD and didn't want to burn 6.1 until I find out why 6.0 goes blank after splash screen. I get the splash screen so that tells me it did boot but maybe wrong about that.
That should be new enough to boot from USB. Make sure Legacy USB Support is set to Auto, and make sure your USB drive is connected before you power on the machine. Then you should be able to set it as the first drive from the Boot Device Priority menu.



Legacy USB Support [Auto]
Allows you to enable or disable the support for legacy USB devices. Setting to
[Auto] allows the system to detect the presence of USB devices at startup. If
detected, the USB controller legacy mode is enabled. If no USB device is detected,
the legacy USB support is disabled.
Configuration options: [Disabled] [Enabled] [Auto]

@Randywfl ,

First, follow Colby's suggestion to be sure the BIOS is properly configured for USB booting.

Secondly, what release version of sr561.exe do you have? Release 1 has a known critical issue with the Splash screen. That issue is fixed in Release 2.

Right click your copy of sr61.exe

Click Properties.

Clock the Details tab.

Check the release version. It's about halfway down the list.

It it is Release 1, simply re-download sr61.exe to get Release 2.
I'm guessing if I have a Thumb drive configured for boot plugged in when I go into the Boot Device Priority setup, the USB device will be a visible Option? I see lots of issues with USB boot so I guess that is my next hurdle to cross before I can proceed.

Thanks for the help!!!!
All crap! I misused that (Grumble!), DarkwwinX. I do not know if SR 6.0 has this issue.
I'm guessing if I have a Thumb drive configured for boot plugged in when I go into the Boot Device Priority setup, the USB device will be a visible Option? I see lots of issues with USB boot so I guess that is my next hurdle to cross before I can proceed.

You may have to repeatedly press the appropriate Fx key (top row on keyboard) during boot up to display the boot menu.
FYI -- I also downloaded (forget how) v 6.1 as follows:
If there is a 6.2 available, don't know how to find it.

First my apologies. I failed to realize you were using SR 6.0. Mea culpa!

Secondly you now have release 2 of SpinRite 6.1 (There is no SR 6.2).

I would suggest trying the SpinRite 6.1 Release 2 you now have.
@ DanR I so appreciate your help. You seem to be the main guru in these parts.

Do you have a favorite link to the best insztrutions for creating a Bootable USB?
WOW!! I ran sr6.1 on my win11 laptop and did the USB option. It was incredibly painlesss. Not the big ordeal I was expecting so thanks a lot for that. Next step is take it to my Asus desktop to see if I can actually get it to boot. Fingers crossed and here I go . . .

MANY thanks to all that replied to my post!!!
Don't know about the Guru thing . . . :) . . . just trying to help. :)

SpinRite 6.0 should NOT be used to create a bootable USB (it can) because it will have a very OLD version of FreeDOS on it (not the best for SpinRite 6.1).

But there is an easy work around.
Run the sr61.exe (that you just downloaded) as a Windows app. Then follow its instructions, with a USB drive ready to insert when prompted.

This will provide you with a bootable USB stick with SpinRite 6.1 on it.

Now put a copy of SpinRite 6.0 on it, and rename it so it does not conflict with the SpinRite 6.1 exe file on the drive.

For example, you will see a spinrite.exe already on there. That will be SpinRite 6.1 release 2.

Just copy SpinRite 6.0 with a different name, e.g. sr60.exe. You are now ready to go.

When booting with this USB drive, SR61 will auto launch with it's splash screen. After exiting SR to the C:\> prompt, you may run either version of SR as desired.

I see you are already ahead of me :) , but I am posting anyway as there is some good info in here.

Edit: DUH! SR 6.0 did NOT precede USB. What was I thinking? Possibly thinking BIOS - that DID precede USB. Anyway, I have corrected my SpinRite 6.0 comment.
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First of all, SpinRite 6.0 preceded USB technology. So SpinRite 6.0 will not readily be able to create a bootable USB.
It can format USB drives.

Edit: I changed the screenshot to a more relevant section of the instructions.
No Joy :( I used BIOS settings as shown above with USB drive plugged in at boot, but booted into windows 7 on the 2nd boot device. Guess I can try burning 6.1 ISO onto CD and try going that way again. My last blank CD :(
@Randywfl was the USB listed in the boot devices list (screenshot 3.7.1 above?)
No it was not. I tried booting twice but both shots it came up on 2nd boot device and USB did not appear in the boot pick list. The screeenshot above showed Floppy so I made sure it was on Floppy the 2nd boot, my gut telling me that must be wrong, but no USB option so I gave it a shot. BTW- Floppy is so worthless/unreliable I have not tried to maintain a floppy drive since my early Atari 520ST days.