Amazon Kindle on WSA/Win11

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What could possibly go wrong?
Nov 7, 2020
Being the owner of a Surface Pro 7, one MASSIVE MISSING and blissfully simple App I was looking for was Kindle.

Facing the disadvantage of (shock, horror) not being US-resident, I had to hack the Windows Subsystem for Android onto my Win11 installation (yes, it's my daily driver, I have no fear!) and, from the Amazon Appstore, I now have Kindle and my books on my Surface (notwithstanding the utterly crap battery life :D).

It's not bad at all and seemed to automatically load the Amazon store for me (which negates the need to sideload, that's good).

If you want to get WSA on your Win11 installation, instructions:

(Sidenote: As @Steve and Leo discussed this week, the MS URLs do have en-us in them......thanks for remembering that many don't speak or read English :p Microsoft is doing what it can to localise its content for the planet and that's OK....after all, who is typing in URLs these days? ;) )
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