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Windows 10 God mode.




Remember the old 'God mode' folder in Windows 7? It still works in Windows 10.

Create a folder on your desktop and call it:


It will be filled with 215 links (Grouped) for every configuration setting you could ever want.
I find it much easier to jump to something I need to change than navigating the Windows 10 Menu structure. :)

Have a great day!

All the best



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I think I mentioned this elsewhere, but this is somewhat similar, in function, to https://github.com/builtbybel/control-uwp




That's actually super cool. I'll need to try it one day.




It's also available in installable form on https://peazip.github.io/peazip-add-ons.html (find it under Other Resources / SPIN-OFF UTILITIES at MyGodmode 1.4)
(for Vista and newer versions of Windows, 542.9 kilobyte .exe file, last updated 2016-09-18. Convenient!)