Win10: "Refreshing System Information..."

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Incorrigible Inquisitor
Sep 28, 2020

Anyone know what this is about? I generally shut down my Win10 laptop overnight (Lenovo X250). On rebooting, after logging on, for the last week or two I've had this pop-up. It hangs around for several minutes apparently "refreshing" various things then disappears. Since start-up after logging in is slow I guess it might be something I don't need and could do without. I tried clicking Cancel once, but then got two of them on the next reboot!

There is no corresponding taskbar icon while it's running and neither SysInternals ProcExplorer nor Ccleaner process startup list shows anything that I can tie to it.

Is there a utility that will tell me what process is behind any given window? Or perhaps someone knows what this is.
That does indeed look an excellent match, but I don't use a VPN and I've never knowingly invited Cisco to the party. There's no Cisco in my running processes or list of services or list of installed programs or startup processes, though I need to re-check next time it appears.

I installed a week or so ago as an experiment but I uninstalled it earlier this morning. We'll see whether this pop-up was anything to do with that.
All ready to zap it with a
on the next reboot. But it never appeared. Or I missed it. Looks like it was something that came along for the ride with But I'll keep an eye open on the next few reboots.