Will Spinrite run on this laptop:- ASUS Vivobook S 15 K3502ZA 16/512GB

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Oct 4, 2020
I’m sorry to be a nuisance but I hope that someone can answer my questions about a new laptop I’m looking at which is a ASUS Vivobook S 15 K3502ZA 16/513GB. I haven’t bought a laptop in the last 10 years and I know that bios are different these days.
1. can I access the bios on this machine to turn off the safe mode to allow spinrite 6.0/6.1 to run, the shop assistants wouldn’t reboot the laptop I was looking at for me to find out myself.
2. unlike older laptops where they have panels behind which are the RAM and the SSD, there are no panels so does that mean that the memory both SSD and RAM are soldered in?
3. With this modern laptop, will I be able to boot from USB on which is Clonezilla, copy off Windows and store it away on my server, and then put Linux on the machine overwriting Windows which is what I have done with my old laptop.

Thanks for your advise and help.
As a non-owner there appears to be no way to know because the user manual is pretty useless.
Yes indeed, that’s why I’m asking you guys. Somebody needs to try it before we know that it can be done. Thanks for commenting.
You can turn off safe mode, but you will need to legacy boot (CMS) to run SR. Most laptops made now only support UEFI! So the answer is probably no.

Indeed, that’s why I’m asking. I need somebody who owns one to definitely say one way or the other.
Would you happen to know if a UEFI only machine can still run up a standard USB with a Linux distro on it?
Would you happen to know if a UEFI only machine can still run up a standard USB with a Linux distro on it?
I am not an expert in Linux, but you will definitely be able to boot from a USB device via UEFI, so if Linux can run on UEFI (I cant see a reason it could not), you should be OK. Just go into the BIOS and set up a new boot device.
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