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  • SpinRite v6.1 Release #3
    The 3rd release of SpinRite v6.1 is published and may be obtained by all SpinRite v6.0 owners at the SpinRite v6.1 Pre-Release page. (SpinRite will shortly be officially updated to v6.1 so this page will be renamed.) The primary new feature, and the reason for this release, was the discovery of memory problems in some systems that were affecting SpinRite's operation. So SpinRite now incorporates a built-in test of the system's memory. For the full story, please see this page in the "Pre-Release Announcements & Feedback" forum.
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  • BootAble – FreeDOS boot testing freeware

    To obtain direct, low-level access to a system's mass storage drives, SpinRite runs under a GRC-customized version of FreeDOS which has been modified to add compatibility with all file systems. In order to run SpinRite it must first be possible to boot FreeDOS.

    GRC's “BootAble” freeware allows anyone to easily create BIOS-bootable media in order to workout and confirm the details of getting a machine to boot FreeDOS through a BIOS. Once the means of doing that has been determined, the media created by SpinRite can be booted and run in the same way.

    The participants here, who have taken the time to share their knowledge and experience, their successes and some frustrations with booting their computers into FreeDOS, have created a valuable knowledgebase which will benefit everyone who follows.

    You may click on the image to the right to obtain your own copy of BootAble. Then use the knowledge and experience documented here to boot your computer(s) into FreeDOS. And please do not hesitate to ask questions – nowhere else can better answers be found.

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Oct 10, 2020
As a small HVAC Controls dealer that is getting into hosting our customers controls servers how do we go about finding a independent contractor to evaluate our security posture and help us improve? When I look in this sector I'm feeling overwhelmed at how much is out there and it feels like a lot of vendors are way more advanced than we need to be now as we likely have a lot of low hanging fruit to kick first.

Columbia SC
Yes, that's where we are at the moment, doing all this ourselves. Would like a up to date security focused vendor checkup as a second opinion, probably on part time contract terms.
You could try asking the company's auditors if they know anyone. Security control could be considered part of the audit.
I would go to Reddit /r/sysadmin. I am active there somewhat and honestly the body of knowledge specific to IT administration is excellent. I see articles all the time recommendion asking for X or Y, and there are some good ideas.
... getting into hosting our customers controls servers...

Columbia SC

When you say you are getting into hosting, I assume you have or will be using a hosting company (3rd party data center) for this? If you select the correct one, they will provide the foundation of physical security and many certifications as a starting point. Have you completed any internal audits using the NIST framework (or other) as a guide?