When was the last time you got a free software update after 20 years?

  • SpinRite v6.1 Release #3
    The 3rd release of SpinRite v6.1 is published and may be obtained by all SpinRite v6.0 owners at the SpinRite v6.1 Pre-Release page. (SpinRite will shortly be officially updated to v6.1 so this page will be renamed.) The primary new feature, and the reason for this release, was the discovery of memory problems in some systems that were affecting SpinRite's operation. So SpinRite now incorporates a built-in test of the system's memory. For the full story, please see this page in the "Pre-Release Announcements & Feedback" forum.
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    To obtain direct, low-level access to a system's mass storage drives, SpinRite runs under a GRC-customized version of FreeDOS which has been modified to add compatibility with all file systems. In order to run SpinRite it must first be possible to boot FreeDOS.

    GRC's “BootAble” freeware allows anyone to easily create BIOS-bootable media in order to workout and confirm the details of getting a machine to boot FreeDOS through a BIOS. Once the means of doing that has been determined, the media created by SpinRite can be booted and run in the same way.

    The participants here, who have taken the time to share their knowledge and experience, their successes and some frustrations with booting their computers into FreeDOS, have created a valuable knowledgebase which will benefit everyone who follows.

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Apr 16, 2024
Not very often eh? A free software update when the previous release was literally 20 years ago?

When was the last time that a new commercial software release of a program would fit on a single floppy disk? LOL?

When was the last time you got a new commercial DOS based program?

I bet for most people, been quite a long time….
I bought SR6 in December of 2005.

I bought ZtreeWin v1.11 from Zedtek in October 1996, and Kim Henkel is still putting out updates every few months. Though technically it's a "console" based x64 program. Updates are here: https://www.ztw3.com/forum/forum.php

I bought Semware Professional (Programmer's text editor) in May of 1999. It came on a floppy disk in the mail with a nice book. :) There's still a Google Groups "SemWare TSE Pro (text editor) for Windows Beta Testing", though it's mostly dead... but not completely. :)

Those are the oldest software products I can think of that I still use regularly. I literally use Ztree all day every day. I have been switching to Notepad++ from Semware gradually... and sadly.
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