What's going on with this flash drive?

  • SpinRite v6.1 Release #3
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    To obtain direct, low-level access to a system's mass storage drives, SpinRite runs under a GRC-customized version of FreeDOS which has been modified to add compatibility with all file systems. In order to run SpinRite it must first be possible to boot FreeDOS.

    GRC's “BootAble” freeware allows anyone to easily create BIOS-bootable media in order to workout and confirm the details of getting a machine to boot FreeDOS through a BIOS. Once the means of doing that has been determined, the media created by SpinRite can be booted and run in the same way.

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2TB in 5 hours works out at 111 MB/s. That would be a normal average transfer rate. Victoria's average speed was 149 MB/s, and the scan duration was 3 hours 24 minutes. Therefore, BIOS isn't the limiting factor here.

The total scan time depends on the health of the drive. A drive with a weak head may require a whole week. What you should do now is to repeat the scan with SpinRite to see how it compares with Victoria now that the drive has been "refreshed".
As you asked, here's a new SR scan of the drive:
Until we're able to get over to SpinRite 7, the BEST THING to do, whenever possible, will be to arrange to directly attach a drive to a SATA (or IDE) adapter. That will be faster, will avoid the BIOS, and will give SpinRite the most direct access to the drive.

But, until then, Paul Farrer has developed a BIOS patch that CAN be used to remove this "yellow'ness" from SpinRite. The patching system is a bit tricky to use, but it does work and it has been proven to be safe. I don't know whether Paul has posted anything here in the web forums since this work was done in GRC's NNTP newsgroups and our GitLab.
Hi Steve,

I have quite a number of spinning drives that I am trying to make 'useful' again 6.1 RC (I am a spinning drive hoarder) and quite a number are giving me the "Device Taken Offline" error when connected via USB (with exact fault location) So no data to recover, these are spare drives that I can afford to throw away (crying uncontrollably) is it worth trying a SATA/IDE adapter in this case JUST in case they are usable, or bite the bullet and trash can away (crying again).

My disposal method is: full format drive (not quick) then put under a pillar drill and drill 6 holes completely though the whole drive, then heat until red with a blowtorch ... then trashcan :)

Thanks for 6.1 keep up the great work ...
Yes. SATA and IDE will always be better than USB in SpinRite 6.1. They will hopefully be equal in 7.0.
Many thanks, just remembered an old 4 bay NAS in my "hoard", just booted 6.1 from usb with one of the "error" drives inside, running great at the moment .... I will now use that as a "Spinrite" drive tester 🤓