What would you run in an EdgeRouterX?

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If you want to try OpenWRT (with a nice simplified GUI on top it, but still with full access to OpenWRT) ... $20 will buy this little gem:

I'm not going to use it as my primary firewall (I'm a pfSense fan all the way). But this little OpenWRT 2 ethernet/wifi/USB router is amazingly versatile for the price
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This is cool. I have used an ER Lite for years (different platform); great device. I have an ER-X which i use as a L2 switch; it is nothing but trouble. I get linkflap on several ports. Originally setting it up as a switch with their "wizard" caused unrecoverable linkflap. Months of back and forth with support and I'm waiting on an advance RMA....

Good to know there is a future life for these devices. I suspect Ubiquiti want to spend their efforts on the Unifi line. As the cheapest Edge-product I don't know how much supported life there is.
I too have one that has a corrupted install and has not been useable for over a year. I will give this a shot to see what kind of trouble I can get into.
Thanks @Dave
Takes some getting used to their interface. It is a bit different from other consumer routers. However, once you get over the initial learning difficulties, it is a rather powerful system. UI has been very good about upgrading the software. Mine is a poe model and it is a bit old.

Also, UI is kind of good about listening to customers and try to listen to their requests. The underlying system is busybox upon vyatta.

My guess is that being a bit out of the common is good, since it provides a level of abstraction. Using one of the replacement os makes your router more common

Also I find it to be rather robust. I messed up more than once when figuring it out, and was able to recover. You really need to messup really bad to brick it
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