WHAT THE FAQ?? and Alpha-33 -- our first release candidate!

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  • Forums Outage Fixed (Obviously!)
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  • A Patch for SpinRite 6.0's Division Overflow
    Please see my blog posting for the whole story!

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New member
Jun 30, 2023
I’m semi retired and have some play time on my hands occasionally, is there somewhere to sign up to be a tester ?


Well-known member
Sep 16, 2020
Ontario, Canada
is there somewhere to sign up
If I understand Steve's process, there may not be any need for further testing. Originally I thought Steve would be doing testing labelled "beta" but it appears that may not actually happen. It appears he will skip from Alpha version 33 to Release Candidate 1. At this point you might just as well wait for the formal release.

On the other hand, there will be continuing development, with SpinRite 7 and beyond. If you want to participate in those developments, it all takes place in Steve's newsgroup. You can join the group there by following the instructions here https://www.grc.com/discussions.htm .
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