What other 32-bit OS could SpinRite use with On Time shutting down?

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Sep 30, 2020
Now that RTOS-32 is on shaky ground has anyone tried other 32-bit OSes out that might suit Steve's use for running SpinRite in?

Here's the costs Steve listed for licensing RTOS-32:
      Module         Binary        Source
    -----------   -----------   -----------
    RTTarget-32    $ 1,500.00    $ 3,000.00
    RTKernel-32    $ 1,500.00    $ 3,000.00
    RTFiles-32     $ 1,500.00    $ 3,000.00
    RTUSB-32       $ 1,500.00    $ 3,000.00
    RTPEG-32       $ 2,500.00    $ 5,000.00
    RTIP-32        $ 3,000.00    $ 6,000.00
                   $11,500.00 +  $23,000.00 = $34,500.00

There's always ReactOS which is still 32-bit and is Windows compatible. Last time I ran it in VirtualBox everything worked great out of the box (even ScummVM installed and ran games fine).

Another one that's non-linux but still a compact 32-bit OS I've tried out is Visopsys which has been in development since 1997 and I found easy to use.
With regards to alternatives, check if they support modern hardware like NVMe and if it supports UEFI booting .. Visopsys can then quickly be dismissed for example. ReactOS, no idea, but listing any OS that does not offer out of the box UEFI boot or modern hardware makes little sense.
The best option would be a very light Linux (with almost everything compiled out or configured off) but that would require Steve to switch from a DOS API to a Linux API and I don't believe that would be a trivial change for him. (Not saying it wouldn't be possible, just saying he wouldn't find it as productive as he would something support the Win32 API, which he's already mastered.)