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  • SpinRite v6.1 Release #3
    The 3rd release of SpinRite v6.1 is published and may be obtained by all SpinRite v6.0 owners at the SpinRite v6.1 Pre-Release page. (SpinRite will shortly be officially updated to v6.1 so this page will be renamed.) The primary new feature, and the reason for this release, was the discovery of memory problems in some systems that were affecting SpinRite's operation. So SpinRite now incorporates a built-in test of the system's memory. For the full story, please see this page in the "Pre-Release Announcements & Feedback" forum.
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  • BootAble – FreeDOS boot testing freeware

    To obtain direct, low-level access to a system's mass storage drives, SpinRite runs under a GRC-customized version of FreeDOS which has been modified to add compatibility with all file systems. In order to run SpinRite it must first be possible to boot FreeDOS.

    GRC's “BootAble” freeware allows anyone to easily create BIOS-bootable media in order to workout and confirm the details of getting a machine to boot FreeDOS through a BIOS. Once the means of doing that has been determined, the media created by SpinRite can be booted and run in the same way.

    The participants here, who have taken the time to share their knowledge and experience, their successes and some frustrations with booting their computers into FreeDOS, have created a valuable knowledgebase which will benefit everyone who follows.

    You may click on the image to the right to obtain your own copy of BootAble. Then use the knowledge and experience documented here to boot your computer(s) into FreeDOS. And please do not hesitate to ask questions – nowhere else can better answers be found.

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What are the other (no verify) Signal-like apps?



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Some do work on the PC too but these are the ones's I'm aware of off the top of my head:
1. Session - fork of Signal not requiring verification.
2. Threema
3. Wire
4. Matrix
6. Jami
7. Antox
8. Briar Project - Android only
9. Wickr Me
10. Could include Manyverse / Patchwork on the SSB P2P protocol as person to person messages are securely encrypted.




2. Threema
Threema was paid for a good portion of its life (I think, without checking that it transitioned to free in the last while.) I believe @Steve was quite impressed with it when he had checked into it.



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If messages have to go through something, then someone has to pay. I don't understand how these companies/entities pay for servers, since TNSTAAFL.

Signal is funded with Grants and Donations. Like what they do?, throw some notes their way so they never get hoovered up.

Signal is an independent nonprofit. We're not tied to any major tech companies, and we can never be acquired by one either. Development is supported by grants and donations from people like you.




There's also Delta chat. https://delta.chat/en/

Then we also have the Fediverse which is comprised of many things like Matrix and Mastodon. Multiple clients can access Matrix (or other Fediverse servers). Element is probably the most used client at this point though. Best part about Matrix is you can also self-host, keep it from being federated, and use it as secure communications with only the people you invite.

Matrix even allows you to do things like this: https://www.beeperhq.com/