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  • SpinRite v6.1 Release #3
    The 3rd release of SpinRite v6.1 is published and may be obtained by all SpinRite v6.0 owners at the SpinRite v6.1 Pre-Release page. (SpinRite will shortly be officially updated to v6.1 so this page will be renamed.) The primary new feature, and the reason for this release, was the discovery of memory problems in some systems that were affecting SpinRite's operation. So SpinRite now incorporates a built-in test of the system's memory. For the full story, please see this page in the "Pre-Release Announcements & Feedback" forum.
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  • BootAble – FreeDOS boot testing freeware

    To obtain direct, low-level access to a system's mass storage drives, SpinRite runs under a GRC-customized version of FreeDOS which has been modified to add compatibility with all file systems. In order to run SpinRite it must first be possible to boot FreeDOS.

    GRC's “BootAble” freeware allows anyone to easily create BIOS-bootable media in order to workout and confirm the details of getting a machine to boot FreeDOS through a BIOS. Once the means of doing that has been determined, the media created by SpinRite can be booted and run in the same way.

    The participants here, who have taken the time to share their knowledge and experience, their successes and some frustrations with booting their computers into FreeDOS, have created a valuable knowledgebase which will benefit everyone who follows.

    You may click on the image to the right to obtain your own copy of BootAble. Then use the knowledge and experience documented here to boot your computer(s) into FreeDOS. And please do not hesitate to ask questions – nowhere else can better answers be found.

    (You may permanently close this reminder with the 'X' in the upper right.)

This has become the SQRL discussion forum somehow, despite the fact that such a forum already exists and deserves these discussions (where they will not be subject to being considered "off topic" and thus eventually purged.) Based on that fact, I kindly request you take this discussion there.
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become the SQRL discussion forum somehow

It was in rounding out my accounting of my on-boarding here (I’m still unable to subscribe to this thread via the More Options menu since that is unresponsive for me (not interested in RSS, just want it for my profile here (I’m watching this thread already, but wanted to actually subscribe to it as well))) that I mentioned in passing my difficulty in registering for the SQRL Forums and speculative concern about what it might mean that my client app failed to facilitate it until I had basically rebooted my SQRL ID that we got to talking about whether or not any concern was warranted or relevant. I’m happy to render my broader hopes and opinions on it elsewhere than here and apologize if it feels like I misused this thread.
This has become the SQRL discussion forum somehow, despite the fact that such a forum already exists and deserves these discussions (where they will not be subject to being considered "off topic" and thus eventually purged.) Based on that fact, I kindly request you take this discussion there.
Some of it is good information explained in lay terms. I wonder if any of the responses to @philodygmn it would be worth @Steve capturing and/or moving over to the SQRL forum.
Hi glad to have joined the forum and I'm a regular listener to SecurityNow, though I'm not quite sure yet what to expect yet! Hopefully some very interesting topics and knowledge sharing.

Here's to a fruitful and successful forum. Thanks Steve
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Thanks for all that you do. Subscriber of SN for the last 3 years or so. Learning curve was nearly straight up at first but am now able to understand and appreciate much the info you impart. Again, thank you Steve.
Searching the GRC Public Forums for "Twitter" in the title brings up: " No results found". What are the accounts there, please:
  1. https://twitter.com/SGgrc
  2. https://twitter.com/SGpad
  3. https://twitter.com/GibsonResearch
.. All three are "official" and not fake (fan-made, or something)? Also, I ask because @SGgrc says:
I didn't want to clutter up the corporate GibsonResearch Twitter account with lots of personal stuff. That's what this one is for.

(However, the third isn't mentioned? Thanks for any info! :))
Have you even visited any of them? The pad one seems pretty dormant but says "Steve Gibson's Twitter account for those interested in the rapidly emerging pad computing phenomenon. I'll be posting about that here!" The corporate one hasn't had a post since 2011. And SGgrc is very active.
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It's disappointing to hear that the Yubikey/PasswordSafe interface worked that way. I don't own a YubiKey, so I haven't been able to try it. I don't know whether it has changed.

(After doing a quick search...)
The program history claims it was added to the main PS program in v3.32 in 2013 (having been previously usable via a separate branch in 2009), and mentions "yubikey" (search was not case-sensitive) only a few times since then. No update during 2020 contains "yubikey" and the mentions over the intervening years are pretty sparse (v3.34 [2014], v3.34.1 [2014], v3.35 [2014], v3.37 [2015], v3.47.0 [2018]). AFAIK, the current Windows version is v3.53.0, released on 2020-09-08.

Yubico indicates that "Password Safe uses YubiKey’s HMAC-SHA1 challenge response mode" and "[b]oth a master password and a YubiKey are needed to enable access to your Password Safe file[. . .]"

Likely due to my inexperience with YubiKeys, I don't know whether that differs from the method you described.

On THIS PAGE the Windows version coder (Rony Shapiro) said this 19 hours ago (see link for more and for context):

I've no argument with promoting better understanding of the hardware. Of course, not all users are interested in that, which is also fine.

Another possible advantage of have PasswordSafe generate the key is so that it can be securely stored in the database itself, which allows easy configuration of a backup Yubikey. Of course, this can also be done via the Yubico util, or manually, if you write down the key.

Other Password Safe YubiKey topics exist there and on github, fwiw.
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