Weird, Antenna solar boxes in Utah

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As a guess they may be for cellular/ 5G antennae. Especially in remote areas a small solar panel is cheaper than running power lines. Even here in the city emergency call boxes along the road are powered off small solar panels. Even newer parking meters are solar. Recently on the news they talked about these tall towers popping up around the city, and they turned out to be 5G antennas.
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I couldn't tell what it was from the picture. Any official cellular stuff would have to be licensed. Could be unofficial. Crypto, maybe. That's only about a 100 W solar panel. Not enough to do much mining. I've been researching trail cameras lately. I can share lots more info on that if people are interested. But, they wouldn't need a solar panel that big. People need to get an RF expert with a spectrum analyzer and packet sniffer and see what's being transmitted and when. Could be ham radio related, but as the article said, not legal to use public land that way. They could crack open the battery box and see what's inside including what's on any memory cards or HDD's or SSD's. A thought just occurred. Could be fake cell sites to hijack real calls. Interesting puzzle.

May your bits be stable and your interfaces be fast. :cool: Ron
Cellular stuff does not necessarily have to be licensed:
On January 27, 2020, the FCC authorized full use of the CBRS band for wireless service provider commercialization without the restrictions to prevent interference with military use of the spectrum. Under the new rules, wireless carriers using CBRS might be able to deploy 5G mobile networks without having to acquire spectrum licenses.
source: wikipedia

There are several crypto currencies that "mine" by providing coverage for LoRaWAN and 5G. This type of mining does not consume a lot of power, usually less than 20W.
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