Vitamin K2 or MK-7 or MK-4 for Calcium?

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Mar 29, 2024
Has anyone got in to Vitamin K2 aka MK-7 or MK-4? According to this book "Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox" it is what's needed to get the calcium in to your bones and not in to your arteries. I was wondering if anyone having success with it would recommend the exact supplement that they are taking. After the D3 Security Now podcast, I got the same brand that Steve was tanking then, and that worked out well,


Thank you Steve, with all the vitamin brands on Amazon its good to know one that is in use. This link went to Deal Supplements 5000 D3 and 100mcg K2, but I did find a Deal Supplements 200mcg stand alone Vitamin ( which may be good for me with allergies to only add on variable at a time, and keep on with the Now Brand D3 5000 and then switch to the combination D3 K2 from Deal Supplements when my Now D3 runs out.

Speaking of more variables, when I was researching K2, I ran across another supplement, Nattokinase. An article said that it helps to increase blood flow and works well with K2. Nattokinase also occurs naturally in the Japanese fermented soy food, Natto, that also contains a lot of K2 but does not sound appetizing.

Any one taking Nattokinase?


In the past, you spoke of the "three K's"
You have a great memory, Greg. It's been so long that I don't recall the science without reviewing it. I actually do take a second K supplement which contains both K2's plus K1: But, again, I couldn't defend that without refreshing my memory about what I once knew clearly about 20 years ago. :~)