Vitamin D

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Sep 30, 2020
I am looking for information on what @Steve recommended taking everyday with the Vitamin D3?, I hope this isn't to off topic, thanks in advance for pointing me in right direction @Steve
On recent SN 786 @Steve said...

"Now, so what this is saying is Dr. Fauci is taking, as far as we can gather from this, 6,000 IU a day, which is equal to 150 micrograms. So that's the dose he seems to be taking. Now, we have mentioned a few times that when it's not sunny, I am personally taking that. "

I've been taking 5,000 for years based on Steve's recommendation.
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Hello all. I've been a Security Now fan since nearly the beginning. I really appreciate the information Steve and Leo provide.

This is an indirect answer to your question plus a bunch of info on Vitamin C and COVID-19.

Google has been aggressively censoring alternative health information. But, assuming they haven't censored what you're searching for, and since Steve provides transcripts of his podcasts, you can search for any topic on his site if you can think of some key words with a google search such as this:

"vitamin d" OR "vitamin c"

You could omit the quote marks to broaden the search, but you might get more false hits since the letters C and D are quite common. You can play around with various search terms.

I have been highly motivated since January to research COVID-19. I have been blessed to come across information on how to prevent and cure COVID-19 with high dose Vitamin C and several other nutritional items, including Vitamin D. Below is a commentary I've put on many YouTube videos and sent to various other people. Hope you find the info helpful. See below.


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I would like to communicate privately with the moderator that removed my prior post in this thread. Everything that I stated previously is true, accurate, and proven by certified medical doctors. The post should not have been removed. Please write to me at my forum profile email address. Ron
Ron ( @rfrazier ): I was not the person who removed your posting, but I agree with their action. I do not intend to host controversial topics here. I tried that once with politics in a newsgroup forum called "Ten Forward" — it was a food fight disaster and resulted in a general ban of political discussion on the GRC newsgroups. I am applying a higher standard here and wish to discourage topics that stir strong feelings. That's not what GRC's groups are for. Off Topic is fine, and technology is our nominal focus. There are ample places on the web for all other conversation. Thanks! (y)
HI Steve. ( I'm assuming you just type in the @ tag here.) @Steve I understand what you're saying. The alert I got didn't say it was too controversial. It said I was providing inaccurate information, which I never do intentionally. The post was relevant to this thread, and to your prior health research, and to ending the pandemic. But, I understand where you're coming from. Many true things are controversial. So, I can respect your rules and we can talk about other things. Whether the information is on the public forum or not, I would like for you personally to see it. What you do with it, if anything, is up to you. If it's no longer accessible on the forum system, I'd be happy to email it, etc. Thanks for all the cool stuff you do. :cool: Ron
I'm taking 5000IU of vitamin D3 every day now, and have been for only couple of weeks, I thought I heard @Steve mention, when talking to Leo on SN he was also taking strong dose of vitamin C everyday, and he had been for some time. I looked on the health home page but I couldn't find the details.Was wondering if there was another location @Steve has mentioned the best dose to consume? Thank you in advance.
Vitamin C is water soluble, so it doesn't remain in one's system long. So, ideally, it should be taken throughout the day. Lorrie, who is not a pill taker, and Leo, both sip a diluted liquid vitamin C, which serves to make water taste more interesting. I take a pH-balanced 'C' — 5g in the morning and 5g in the evening.
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As long as we're talking about nutritional supplements, Steve, would it be much of a bother to insert here what you mentioned a week or two ago about the bioavailable form of Magnesium you discussed? (If I've mistaken Mg for the mineral (?) you mentioned, I apologize profusely. I have a legitimate reason for the confusion, but I'd rather not bring that up now.)

Thank you very much!
Vitamin C is water soluble, so it doesn't remain in one's system long. So, ideally, it should be taken throughout the day. Lorrie, who is not a pill taker, and Leo, both sip a diluted liquid vitamin C, which serves to make water taste more interesting. I take a pH-balanced 'C' — 5g in the morning and 5g in the evening.
Thank you for your reply @Steve I will look at trying the diluted liquid vitamin C as I am told I should be consuming more water every day also, if that isnt working out for me, I will look at your option with 5g morning and evening. I am so greatfull for all that you share and the work you create. Thank you again.
Vitamin C is water soluble, so it doesn't remain in one's system long. So, ideally, it should be taken throughout the day. Lorrie, who is not a pill taker, and Leo, both sip a diluted liquid vitamin C, which serves to make water taste more interesting. I take a pH-balanced 'C' — 5g in the morning and 5g in the evening.

Vitamin C is ascorbic acid so I would have thought sipping it could rot your teeth?

I remember a news story long ago where some parents were trying to sue one of the big cola firms because their son would sip his while on the sofa watching TV because they wanted to limit him to one can. This pitted his teeth. Parents thought there should have been a warning on the can.
I tried the 5000 IU dose from March through August. During August, I started to notice a strange smell in my urine. Then had a bit of blood in my urine. Talked to my wife, a clinical pharmacist with a specialty in IV nutrition, and asked if the Vitamin D I was taking could be causing this. She thought the 5000 IU was pretty high and a little research showed that Vitamin D can cause an alteration in urine smell. Regardless, I stopped taking the Vitamin D the beginning of September and the smell has just returned to normal this week. My wife thinks the smell is the Vitamin D, but the blood might not be. I also have occasional flare ups of gout. Haven't had a true attack in quite a while but that doesn't mean that my kidneys aren't dealing with high level of uric acid in my system that may cause some irritation. Probably TMI, but wanted to add my experience to the conversation. I"m probably going to start take a reduced amount of Vitamin D and see how it goes. My wife is recommending I start with 1000 IU per day.
@danlock : THIS is the one you want: It's a dipeptide — a molecule of magnesium tightly bound to a pair of glycine molecules. The rule is that you should take as much as your "guts" will allow. Taking too much will result in mild to moderate stool loosening since the presence of unabsorbed magnesium will osmotically pull water into your large (lower) intestine and colon. It's not harmful but you'll want to back off. The best approach would be to take more and more until things begin to soften. For me, that level is 10 tablets per day, 5 in the AM and 5 in the PM. So that's 1g of elemental Mg per day.

What's interesting is that for about a year I was able to take substantially more, then I needed to back off. This is a well known phenomenon. Initially much more will be absorbed while our body's supply is being replenished. Once it is "topped off" we stop absorbing as much.

If you're interested in learning more about Mg, THIS is the best reference: I dislike the title, since there's nothing whatsoever miraculous about magnesium — it's all just pure science — but I understand the need for a “popular” title.
@pch I don't know what your situation with health care is (I know people can be forced to avoid the doctor because of costs) but blood in the urine is not something I would ever dismiss out of hand, you should see a doctor about it.
Wow about Vitamin D your podcast is the 1st I found out about it. I thought it just came in milk back then. I know they add it to milk and looks like mostly get it from pigs hides.

I am taking 5000 Ui like you just said not long ago what you take. From the years things I found out and not sure if right. That if you overdose on Vitamin D that is hard to do the antibodies can eat up your throat. They did a test giving it to someone to see what would happen.

All you need calcium else it will take it from your bones. You all so need vitamin K that is green vegetables the greener the more vitamin K they have.

That at age 50 you only get about half from the Sun and it goes down from there.

If your shadow is longer then how tall you are that your not getting enough Sun for Vitamin D.

All so it takes about 3 days to absorb in your skin and you can wash it off before that with soap. Not sure this is right. It is all things Steve did not say in his podcast.

Maybe you should do a new Vitamin D podcast. With this covid-19 around sounds like Vitamin D will get your Antibodies up and the more you have the faster they can fight the virus.

Found out to some vitamins store in your fat so stay about 90 days but other don't and stay a day. Fat-soluble never know what that meant before.

That about every animal make vitamin C but that we must of lost a genes some time. That's one that last just a day don't store in your fat.

Happy you did this Vitamin D episode back then. Found out more about health too. Seems like sugar is are energy that is why we have to breath and why we have to breath more when we do more. But have to watch how much you eat else it goes to fat. Just things I herd after the Vitamin D I did from Steve.

-Raymond Day
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I've been taking 8000 IU, since the gels I've been getting are 4000 IU apiece. I hope they're the real deal and not just filled with sugar.