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New member
Sep 30, 2020
VideoReDo video software may not survive much longer.
It's website is offline -
Current installs can't check for updates.
New software installs can't be activated.

Its forum is still working at
You can see posts about the current issues there.

I know Steve Gibson has used this software in the past.
Just thought Steve & other users of this forum may like to know about this.
Don't know this software, and trying to learn more was basically bust. (The reference to the forum isn't working for me.) I did see it had something to do with Tivo, which would explain why @Steve ever used it. If I had to guess, it either isn't selling well enough to be maintained any more, or else it's a product out of Russia and is being affected by the current world situation.
Just thought Steve & other users of this forum may like to know about this.

👍 Thanks for the "heads up" Gavin. ℹ️ I purchased VideoReDo Plus in Nov 2006 to convert the .REC data files copied from my Topfield Personal Video Recorder (PVR) into clean error corrected and/or edited .MPG files. I still use it. I guess I have a problem if I rebuild my PC or get a new one.
VideoReDo Save Options.png
Just following up on this with some sad news:

VideoRedo is no longer available for purchase!​

Unfortunately the owner and founder of VideoReDo, Dan Rosen, passed away unexpectedly in September. For now all sales, support and development have been halted while his family decides what to do with the company.​

Very sorry to hear this! I used to use Womble MPEG Wizard for quick edits of mpg-2 files that avoids recompression, but that hasn't been in development or for sale for quite some time. So I bought VideoReDo TV Suite a couple of years ago and it has all of Womble's capabilities and more. Plus, it was still being supported and updated.

Condolences to the family and RIP, Mr. Rosen. I hope there is a way to keep things going that works out for you was well as your user base. (Yeah, I know they're not going to see it here...)