Vertical Tabs in Edge Chrome Version 88.0.673.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit)

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Sep 30, 2020
I was using Brave until recently. Brave is based on Chrome. I haven't tried vertical tabs there. I've migrated back to Firefox on the PC and I'm still using Brave on my Android Tablet. There are two reasons I migrated back.

First, see this thread:

Brave and Chrome Browsers NOT Secure and Private by Default

You cannot trust Brave or Chrome out of the box to be "Security Now" private and secure. You must check all settings when you install it and also every time it updates (because they sneak in new features). I would also say check all Firefox settings when you install or it updates, but there are not as many untrustworthy things in the list.

Second, like @Steve , I routinely have 50-100 tabs open. I discovered that my computer was fairly routinely running out of RAM. So, I went back to Firefox, which seems to have a more subdued memory footprint.

On Firefox, I use the Tree Style Tab plugin as @Steve has described.



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Oct 25, 2020
I'm using FF with the Sidebery extension and a few tweaks to hide the native tab horizontal bar. It works pretty well.

Hopefully, vertical tabs can grow in popularity, so FF feels compelled to implement it.