ValiDrive windows disappears when I run it.

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Oct 12, 2023
Just downloaded ValiDrive V1.0.1 and taking it out for a spin, but I can't seem to get it to work. I run it then click on Check USB Drive, and the windows disappears. I can see it in the task bar, but can't do anything but close it. I can also see it in Task Manager, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything. Am I missing something?

I did try in on another PC, and it worked fine. So, not sure what is wrong with my work PC.
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I think you're not doing anything wrong or missing something, that's not what's supposed to happen. I'm going to link to this post in the newsgroup and hope it gets picked up.
If this is the same issue as what I mentioned briefly in the newsgroups a few days ago you're overthinking it. If it isn't, just ignore the rest of this post.

There's an issue where clicking on the Check USB Drive button will sometimes cause the ValiDrive window to hide behind the next highest window on the screen. (I don't think I've seen it with anything other than File Explorer but I could be wrong.)

There are two ways to find the hidden window:
1) Minimize whatever window is currently on top to reveal the hiding ValiDrive.
2) Click ValiDrive's taskbar button TWICE. The first click will minimize it. The second will restore it on top.

Why? I don't know. He's on third. And I don't give a damn. ;)