Validrive report test date and time

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New member
Sep 25, 2020
I've noticed that the report shows a 'test date and time' which appears to be when the user clicked to acknowledge the end of a test run, rather than be either the 'start of' or 'end of' a test run. A small thing, but slightly annoying, as I often leave a USB stick test running and walk away or leave it overnight. It would be nice to know when it finished.
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Sounds like a bug to me. I always assumed "test date and time" was when the test finished, but I never verified that until now.

I started a test at 18:35, and it finished at 18:37. I clicked "Close" at 18:39. "test date and time" shows 18:39.


I have multiple drives that take a long time to run. One even takes so long that "total write time" becomes "=overflowed=". I think it took around 1.5 hours.