Validrive instructions

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Adam P

New member
Oct 12, 2023
My reading of the instructions for Validrive would lead me to believe that the random 4k blobs are written and read to their various locations without regard for whatever data might be there already, but there doesn't seem to be an explicit statement about whether or not this is safe to run on a drive which has already been put into use. Will this utility scatter corruption through existing files or not?
"In a random, non-repeating sequence, at each of 576 separate evenly spread locations on any drive, ValiDrive reads the current contents of that region. It then fills that region with random “data noise” then reads back the region's contents to verify that the “data noise” was actually stored. ValiDrive then always rewrites the region's original data to restore whatever data may have been originally stored there."

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I don't know if anyone has tried this yet, but I ran ValiDrive on a 1TB Kingston flash drive- mine tested as valid. The entire device was encrypted before the test, and has decrypted fine since. Of the few tested flash drives so far all were valid. Two dead flash drives which Windows no longer recognizes of cause did not run. I did see some large differences between read and write timings, but that has been explained. Perhaps an odd test case, I ran ValiDrive against an Apricorn 128GB Secure Key (after unlocking it) and it passed. Another great utility, thanks Steve!