Resolved Unseen USB Connected "External" drives

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Sep 29, 2020
Excuse me Please:

Perhaps I am lacking some understanding.
I ran RS one two different laptops (ASUS K50i & Alienware 18)
RS did indeed see the motherboard-connected HDDs/SSDs and ran its benchmark.
However, when having two USB-connected spinning hard drives (as well as the USB 8GB thumb drive RS booted off of)
RS did not see any of these "external" drives.
which for their ages, I think to be USB 2.0

Is there a command line switch I need use to enable said visibility and thus benchmarking?

Thank you for time taken to reply.
The current version does not see USB connected drives, except for the Boot drive if you are using one. It only checks internal IDE, SATA and eSATA drives. USB and NVMe drives will be in a later release.
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