typing unicode

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Sep 30, 2020
typing unicode on the mac is not that bad. You add a unicode hex key input source to your keybord. Then hold the option key down while typing the unicode value. However, seems the forum doesn't like the zero width (200b, 2010, and feff)

Here is a description of several spaces in unicode https://unicode-explorer.com/articles/space-characters. Examples below

U+2000 ; )
U+2001 ; )
U+2002 ; )
U+2003 ; )
U+2004 ; )
U+2005 ; )
U+2006 ; )
U+2007 ; )
U+2008 ; )
U+2009 ; )
U+200a ; )
U+200b ;)
U+200c ;‌)
U+200d ;‍)
U+200e ;‎)
U+200f ;‏)
U+2010 ;)
U+202f ; )
U+205f ; )
U+3000 ; )
U+2060 ;⁠)
U+feff ;)
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