TWiT pro missing SN784?

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Sep 18, 2020
I have been using TWiT pro on my kindle for as long as I can remember.
I have found it useful to download the podcast/s for later reading/viewing.
Today Friday 25th September at 16:44 BST there is not entry for the expected SN 784 podcast. I have downloaded the podcast notes from Steve's site and read them.
I usually do this on a Wednesday morning and wait for evening to download the video. But so far mothing!

Has the podcast been broadcast?

What happened to the TWiT version?
It's not up on the GRC website either yet. Assuming that it happened, perhaps there is some issue with the production.
How do you know I haven't. My choice, perhaps Steve might have some different information.
The information I do have is that a download failure occurred. ProtocolException SSL handshake aborted ssl=0x61f181d8: Failure in SSL Library, usually a protocol error...
a similar error also happened when I tried to download MacBreak Weekly for 9th September but not for other downloads of some vintage.
So go figure.
I don't know whether the error is in my Kindle or at the TWiT end.
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How do you know I haven't.
Aside from being a regular there, I do not know this. On the other hand, how does that make my advice any less relevant. It's akin to going to Walmart to ask them a question about the product you bought from them. The product is not produced here, so how likely is that we here know how to help with production/distribution issues?

In any case, TWiT has been experimenting with different delivery methods. They switched to Megaphone to do add inserts. I suspect this is some issue between your specific client and the Megaphone site, but again, since I have no insight into what's happening on either end this is just a guess.

That specific error sounds like the client can't do, say, SSL 1.2 while anything less has been deprecated by the provider.... or some bug related to negotiating the connection up to a mutually compatible TLS version. TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1 have recently been deprecated, and more and more sites will reject it going forward.
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