Trouble Mounting a USB drive on Win10 - Unable to initdisk

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New member
Jan 1, 2021
Calgary, AB
I have a small (physically) USB drive marked DANE-ELEC (and nothing else, no indication of storage capacity).
When I plug it into a Windows 10 machine (I've tried a couple). It shows as "USB Drive (D: )" but when I try to open it or format it or almost anything else I get a message saying "Insert a disk into..." or "There is no disk in drive ...".

Running initdisk, it prompts me to insert the drive, but when I do, nothing happens, so whatever event initdisk is looking for is not arriving, due to the lack of <something> on this drive.

Inserting into a Linux box, dmesg shows it being identified and assigned /dev/sdb, but "fdisk -l /dev/sdb" says "no medium found"

Suggestions, anyone?
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