Three-Body Problem (Netflix)

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Mar 28, 2024
I started watching Three-Body Problem (Netflix) last night and thought it might be something other SciFi junkies might like too. It;s based on a series of books so it might morph into more than one season.
In my opinion, the first episode doesn't hook the viewer, but the follow-on episodes are much more engaging, and everything really comes together in episode 5. We finished episode 6 last night and without two remaining it's difficult to see how this will be resolved. So there may be another batch in the future. Overall, a surprisingly worthwhile Sci-Fi experience. (And episode #5 was ... wow!)
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Sometimes it takes a few episodes for a show to find its groove, right? And when it finally does, it's like hitting the jackpot! By the way, have you ever heard about to make money watching Netflix? Yeah, I was surprised too when I stumbled upon this idea online. Anyway, glad you enjoyed the sci-fi experience—episode 5 sounds like it was a real game-changer!
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Overall I thought it was a fantastic adaptation of the book(s), simplified to appeal to a wider audience.

I hope it gets renewed for additional seasons!
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