Thoughts about Solarwinds Hack

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Okay, going a little conspiracy here. "Mainstream" news keeps harping about Russia being the source of the SolarWinds hack. But, who says it was Russia? I remember years ago one 3-Letter American agency was caught spying on US citizens by using England as a go between. Could it be that these 3-Letter American agencies are spying on US citizens through Russia? Lets think about that, if the hack is found, they research, find a Russian IP address then just stop and cry "The Russians are to blame!". Then the 3-Letter American agency is off the hook.

Just always seems too convenient that every hack ever found only ties back to Russia or China. There needs to be a little more critical thinking.
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I personally don't care whether it's organizations of the Russian Federation or the Republic of the United States of America, it's all the same to me.

I find it annoying that it wasn't detected earlier, but then again… what can we do to protect it more :/
The mainstream media is brutally ignorant about computers. Thank goodness for the TWIT network, Jupiter Broadcasting and the like. The mainstream media typically interview someone who will profit from things being bad. So, things are bad.

>what can we do to protect it more :/

One thing that is already done is publishing the hash of software being downloaded. Its not perfect, but its something. An EV certificate on the website where software is downloaded from would also be good, but don't hold your breath.