These are all the encrypting software I have tried in Windows

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Apr 13, 2021
I think the future needs encryption but I have not done full testing yet... as more and more invasive windows becomes, one needs to counter act or move to linux and one that is not intrusive either...

But this is the list of encrypting software in Windows:


there is an interesting read about the maker of truecrypt:

I read all of is like a none-fiction book... I think I need to read it again...

The importace of encryption is there tho...not because your have something to hide but to stop ppl from penetrating your privacy...but it works both ways, evil ppl can also use this to hide but most of the time evil ppl are not very educated to implement such things...the educated person tries to remove him/herself from the burden from evil ppl...mostly.


What could possibly go wrong?
Nov 7, 2020
you missed cryptomator and Bitlocker. I like the former because "Cryptomator [on the other hand] encrypts each file individually. If you update one document, only these changes will get synchronized."
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Apr 13, 2021
TrueCrypt has been discussed many times on Security Now. It was audited, and found only minor issues. It is no longer supported, but I believe VeraCrypt was its fork, and is widely considered to be its successor.

I can't find the article but it is a long one about 2-3 parts in very long and extremely detailed background of the creator of TrueCrypt and in it is says that the law enforcement have his hard drive witch it contains millions of dollars worth of bitcoin encrypted using his sofware TrueCrypt. They are keeping it for just in case in the future using quantum computers might be able to break the key....But who knows if it's true or guess would be is that it is true....

So based on that alone, it shows it is unbreakable yet...I am somewhat of a software hoarder and I have the very old TrueCrypt somewhere but I never use it.
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