Theory: Possible way to boot DOS in UEFI

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Sep 26, 2020
I just had a thought, and it's possible it's not at all doable, but considering how people have ran ReadSpeed from VirtualBox, is there a VM hypervisor one could run in which you can boot from USB and mount the system's drives to a DOS VM?

Until Steve is able to create UEFI versions of his apps, this might be a useful workaround. If this can be done, I assume as a proof of concept would be a Linux live image with an image file you ReadSpeed can write logs to.


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Sep 18, 2020
Rutland UK
I haven't tried it, but it appears that it is possible to boot DOS from Grub. This might let you get round the UEFI issue, boot into Grub and then chainload a DOS image file from there.

I found this:-