The Orville

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Orville is a nice comedy scifi, and felt more star trek to me than STD, but it is not every person's cup of tea, earll grey hot, I suppose :)
I have only watched season 1 so far. Like a lot of others, I found it just OK -- better than many other shows but not great. The problem is that it is trying to be both a comedy and Star Trek. Since the writers never really commit to either, you are left with moments of good humor, moments of good Star Trek and a lot of drift.
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I enjoy it! cant wait for the next/last season to be released.

Reminds me of the sarcasm we had on board my Submarine. of course.. we didnt cut anyone's leg off as a prank. At least.. not that I can talk about.
Too many comedies take the easy road and resort to potty humor. IMO, that route does not often an intelligent comedy make. On the other hand, maybe I'm overly sensitive to that.
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Too many comedies take the easy road and resort to potty humor. IMO, that route does not often an intelligent comedy make. On the other hand, maybe I'm just overly sensitive to that.
I don't know about too many, but I agree it is the easy way out. My favorite improv group, ComedySportz (it's comedy as a sport), has a rule that forbids players from rude, crude or lewd humor because it is a cheap way to get laughs.
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Speaking from experience, once you get people (especially a group, and especially if they are eating or have just eaten) laughing, it's easy to keep them laughing, to the point where they are nearly rolling on the floor. And with me, it's because I tend to view the world from a different perspective than others in some ways, I think. All I have to do is start talking about things that have happened to me. I guess I'm referring to being selfish, talking about myself like that, but it often works. ...and we feed off each other's laughter or something... an interesting phenomenon. Never crude or lewd.
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Really good series. Great cast (and crew :) I hope they make more. Oh, and can someone open this pickle jar for me?