The Great "Alternatives to Chrome" Browser thread

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What could possibly go wrong?
Nov 7, 2020
Following on from this thread which is similar....

UR Browser seems to have nice features and is very configurable:
(does anyone know why Windows considers this a PUA? :D)

Any other options you can think of or offer?
I use TOR browser selectively depending on what I am doing, otherwise I use Firefox. A browser thread seems the perfect place to ask this. I recently read that it is a bad idea to use a VPN with TOR. I think the reasoning was the VPN funnels everything from one source, or something like that. I use a VPN for everything. Any thoughts on using TOR with a VPN?
I use a VPN for everything. Any thoughts on using TOR with a VPN?
Well TOR isn't really much more than a "multi-level" VPN. Beyond extreme paranoia, unclear what is beneficial about using TOR if you're already using a quality VPN. It will most definitely mean your session will have higher latency.
There is an increase in latency, but nothing objectionable. I don't use TOR often, but a couple programs I run are set to use it. I would imagine that if I were streaming video or moving large files using TOR my opinion on latency would change. I think the point the article I read was bringing up was that using a VPN with TOR undoes at least some of the anonymizing TOR does.
The fact I haven't seen that from multiple sources makes it quite likely scare mongering.
The only way I can think of (and I could be VERY wrong BTW) is if the VPN your use happen to be a TOR node itself that happens to be a entrance or exit node your using. Don't know if the VPN could do anything in that case to nudge your node selection process to use one of its nodes.
Old and skeptical, I "cut my teeth" on XP. If you understand the "KISS rule", less can be MORE. I use Firefox; they have F Secure, the best security package bar none. Duck Duck Go is my anonymous search engine. UBlock Origin is my only ad blocker. Over the last decade, on my WordPress blog, I posted at least fifteen warnings pertaining to Google, and social media including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, (which I satirically call "CensorTube") over privacy and security issues. Many are unaware that Google is the CIA's bastard child! Being new here I'm finding the navigation somewhat peculiar; Trying to paragraph opens a second "reply" window.