The Aeon14 series and its massive universe

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(as in GRC)
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Feb 1, 2019
Southern CA, USA
I'm well into the 5th book of the Aeon14 series.

(I've been slowed down for the moment since I have less interest in reading when I'm tackling some large coding problem. The technology for autonomous server-side code-signing using a hardware HSM turns out to be something that everyone else appears to have punted on, falling back to shelling out to Microsoft's “signtool”. I could do that, too... but GRC is going to need this technology for the long term since SpinRite 7+ and Beyond Recall will always need to have Windows-based boot-prep technology. Shelling out to “signtool” is so ugly that it will only be a last resort, and at this point it's become a bit of a crusade, since I'm well placed to figure out how to do this, then share the results with the much wider coding community.)

Anyway... I am still LOVING the series. And I've become very impressed with its author. Yes, it has a decidedly “leading female character” bent, but that's fine. It's a nice change. And, yes, as Leo presumed when briefly surveying its book covers and plot summaries, it's on the “pulpy” side. But boy is it fun! And having seen how well this author Malorie (M.D.Cooper) has handled things up to this point, I'm quite excited to eventually go back in the timeline to books that she later wrote but which occurred earlier, to learn about “the sentience wars” and the first rounds of human colonization. There's so much here, and so far it has all been well worth my time.

The event in the 5th book that spurred me to post this was just another of the great many “new things” that I'm seeing for the first time. It occurred to me that that's the reason I read science fiction - to be treated to truly new ideas and technologies - and this series keeps the new tech coming - one thing after another. And now cheesy made up crap but real “believable” innovation that is given sufficient backup to be satisfying.

The best overview I've found so far, to give you a sense for just how much is here and waiting for you if you're interested and if this fits the style of Sci-Fi that you enjoy, is this page at I think that the best place to begin is “The Intrepid Saga”, with “Outsystem.” That series of three books is followed in timeline and character sequence by the eleven-book “The Orion War” series. And... if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, everything is there both in eBook and Audible formats.

And again, yes, I get it that this style is not for everyone. Not everyone loved my previous discovery of “The Silver Ships” - but a great many people did. So I wanted to plant another flag here with this discovery (which I recently mentioned on Security Now). If this style is for you, you'll be glad to have found it, too.
Many thanks for your recommendations Steve. To date:
- almost completed the Honor Harrington series (good but very deep and long)
- finished the 23 books of Silver Ships (excellent)
- currently on Gate Ghosts, Book 4 of 10 (continuation of Silver Ship - more of the same)

Aeon 14 will be next!!!!
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My recommendation after just finishing book 15 today.

"Expeditionary Force" by Craig Alanson is a thrilling and humorous science fiction series that takes readers on an intergalactic adventure filled with action, wit, and unexpected twists. The story revolves around a ragtag group of humans led by the sarcastic and irreverent Colonel Joe Bishop, who find themselves caught in the midst of an interstellar conflict between powerful alien factions.

Alanson's writing is characterized by a perfect blend of tension and humor, keeping readers engaged from start to finish. The series introduces a diverse cast of characters, each with their own quirks and personalities, contributing to the overall charm of the narrative. The dynamic between humans and the enigmatic artificial intelligence, Skippy the Magnificent, adds a unique and entertaining element to the storyline.

One of the strengths of the series is its ability to balance intense space battles with moments of comedic relief. The dialogue is sharp, filled with witty banter, and the characters' reactions to the bizarre situations they find themselves in create a sense of authenticity and relatability.

While the series embraces familiar sci-fi tropes, Alanson injects enough creativity and unpredictability into the plot to keep readers guessing. The exploration of advanced alien technologies and the strategic challenges faced by the characters add depth to the narrative, making it more than just a lighthearted romp through space.

Overall, the "Expeditionary Force" series is a highly entertaining and addictive read for science fiction enthusiasts. With its engaging characters, clever writing, and a healthy dose of humor, it stands out as a must-read for those who enjoy a mix of space opera and comedic elements in their sci-fi adventures.
I started with Lyssa.
The Sentience Wars:
its ok, but a tad long winded. it reminds me of Peter Hamilton, long story's, too long too much fluff.

I tend to go back and reread my old SCIFI books when I cannot find anything new. I loved the era of collections of story stories.

These new authors may have a great story, but stringing it out into 20 books is Franky IMHO a money grab, its no big deal in the OLD days of 99 cents paperbacks, but now they are $9.99 and up! But you are right as long as Amazon unlimited has a sale for 99 cents a month I can deal with it. its like netflix subscribe for a month, binge and drop it.

No sure what the female lead comment is about. Ao many books have had female leads. One hopes 500-1000 years from now if Human survive, we will finally equalize the sexes.

Anyway I think I will drop Lyssa for this later series, I was trying to read in timeline order. but this series is ALL over the place.

Still it was better than Tv for a few hours.

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@foreverinbeta : You may have started at the wrong place.

The first book Malorie wrote was “Outsystem”, which is where she recommends you start. And it doesn't lack for action.

And as for anything here being a money grab, the first four book set is available as a single purchase for $5 for Kindle. Since I'm a Kindle Unlimited reader, they're included in my subscription. But even at $5 for a LOT of enjoyable escapist reading, that's my idea of a good deal!

Finally, since I'm reading the books in a different sequence than you, I'm unable to compare my experience with yours since yours is a book I haven't read.
yea I switched to OUTSYSTEM. Its fast paced. a Little repetitive. maybe this author just dont do it for me.

Could be the holidays, lol.

yea I got kindle unlimited for 3 months. for I can read these for free as a rental. So even if I dont find them a great read, its ok. Its reminds of me of James Bond, he shoots and one shot the bad guy is dead, but the bad guys attack him 20 times and never win, classic hokie and and you know if there is 5 books, he/she aint dying!! one of the things that is bad about knowing there is 20 plus Still I will finish this one.