Thanks for getting me a job!

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Nov 9, 2020
Hi all,

I'm a long time listener, since around the time the first WEP attacks piqued my interest and led me to the SN podcast. Since then, I've been an avid consumer of the show with a few breaks when life was a bit too busy.

Since then I’ve found security fascinating but never thought I’d be able to move from 20 years infrastructure experience to 0 years security experience without taking a huge pay cut. Luckily, I got an infra job in a newly created 24/7 command centre and got friendly with the security guys on my shift. After one of them got promoted to the shift team lead, I applied for the vacant role and got it. And they even agreed to keep me on the same salary!

I’m quite confident that it was the knowledge I gained from this podcast that got me the SOC Analyst role. So I wanted to show my gratitude to Steve and Leo for helping me take my career in a slightly more interesting direction!

My only concern now is what do we do when we hit Ep999… :D
Congrats on the new job. I haven't yet taken that step, but I have helped my current team out a bit with issues I learned about here.
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This is great to hear. I am actually on the hiring team at my company, although with the development department. What I've always looked for is passion, as those people tend to be more valuable to the company than those who just retain a bunch of knowledge, but aren't passionate about it. So for me, hearing your avid consumption of all things security, I would have probably made the same decision your company did.

Way to go!
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That's an incredible journey you've had, transitioning from infrastructure to security without sacrificing your salary – that's a big win! It's awesome to see how the podcast played a role in your career shift. Kudos to you for seizing the opportunity, and it's great to acknowledge the hosts for their influence. If you ever want to explore the best side jobs to complement your career, there are plenty of options out there.
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What an inspiring journey, and congratulations on the career shift! It's incredible how a podcast can be a catalyst for change. Kudos to Steve and Leo for providing the knowledge that steered your career toward security. The story of transitioning from infrastructure to a SOC Analyst role is truly motivating.Your experience highlights the power of networking and seizing opportunities, especially when life gets a bit hectic. It's awesome that your newfound interest in security found a practical application in your professional life.BTW, speaking of career shifts, have you ever explored the best trade schools in Baltimore, Maryland? Sometimes, unexpected paths lead to fulfilling opportunities, and who knows what exciting avenues might open up in your journey!
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