THANK YOU @sg_grc for reminding me of Daemon

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Oct 7, 2020
Steve and Leo,

I have been wracking my brain for the last few months trying to remember the name of a book that I had thoroughly enjoyed reading some years ago. You two casually mentioned it as an aside in the last SN, Daemon by Daniel Suarez. My pathetic memory needed to refresh just that one pointer. I'll be putting it on my kindle tonight so I won't lose it again.
By way of saying thank you, might I suggest the novel "The Birthgrave" by Tanith Lee. It was published by Daw some decades ago on low quality pulp so copies are hard to come by. It starts off with a little romance novel feel to it, as many stories with a strong female lead do, but the twists and turns on her journey of self-discovery take the story in surprising directions. Sadly, the follow-on books were not anywhere near as good and return to that romance novel pattern, yuck.
If your tastes trend more towards mystery novels, check out Sharyn McCrumb's "Bimbos of the Death Sun" and "Zombies of the Gene Pool." Both titles do not do these two works justice and their relationship to SciFi is a bit meta. The novels are classic mystery fare set in the arcane, mysterious and fantastical world of SciFi conventions. If you've ever been to a Con, prepare to meet people you've seen before.

Thank you again for your many asides in SecurityNow. I listen almost as much for them as the main topics which I also enjoy immensely.