Synology native SyncThing vs Synology Drive

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New member
Jul 22, 2023
I was a bit confused as Steve discussed his use of SyncThing. I am also a Synology user and have found a number of native Synology packages that I quite like. One is Synology Drive. It does everything that Steve has described he uses with SyncThing. But it sounds like Synology Drive is easier to set up and use. I have several machines both Mac and Linux, and it syncs all the data I specify across these machines. It was never mentioned on the podcast, but it works great.


Well-known member
Sep 16, 2020
Ontario, Canada
I suspect part of the reason he didn't use it is he isn't aware of what it can do. If he was aware of it and chose not to use it, I suspect that would be because it does a lot (too much?) and from a security perspective, you want to limit servers to least privilege. For example it also must have some web server built in because it can share files on a web portal.