Syncthing across the internet

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New member
Oct 8, 2020
Steve recommends syncthing as the best overall file synchronization software. I can see why as it does have a lot of great features and seems to work well. Certainly on a local network it seems safe and easy to setup.

Has there been any discussion of using syncthing across the internet? One way to do that is to port forward port 22000 to a syncthing server and have external nodes sync with that. That seems risky for all of the reasons Steve is telling us about on a weekly basis.

Syncthing recommends using its relay network, which if I understand correctly is made up of individuals providing relays to the community. Has there been any discussion of this? Is it considered safe? Any best practices that should be followed?
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I assume the relaying hosts are something like STUN/TURN and allow a connection between the devices without the need for port forwarding. I sync across the Internet between two devices and see the connection is well-secured with TLS1.3-TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256