Steve's Old HDD Articles

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Sep 30, 2020
More specifically, these are the three Steve Gibson articles the French site chose to make available in text format. disks2.txt was referenced in SN! 801 on 2021-01-12. The link is available on page 13 of the show notes from that episode, and disks1.txt and disks3.txt are in the same directory.

Now, get all three here! I'll attach them to the message because this message editor limits messages to 10000 characters; the files each contain more than that.
Please view using a fixed-width font such as Courier or Consolas or your preferred font in a window or 💗fullscreen💗 at a width of 80 characters for Maximum Pleasure! 😂 🕹️(joystick included because it contained "joy," but if you can scroll a .txt file using a joystick attached via a serial (9-pin or 15-pin) or PS/2 port in 80-character width full screen text mode, you deserve bonus points! 💯


  • disks2.txt
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  • disks1.txt
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  • disks3.txt
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