SRPR-53 Getting strange error screen(strange to me)

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Jeff Dunn

Oct 5, 2020
This has happened 4 or 5 times now, I skipped to 6% on the next run currently at 20% and I am going to goto 21%. I have powered off/on. So my question is the drive ok or is this an unknown issue. Not worried about the data, this is cold spare for my NAS.
Sounds like the drive is failing, probably the heads. Someone would need to physically repair the drive to bring it back to a stable condition.
That is one of several new errors in 6.1 that mean a drive is very unhealthy.

Screenshot 2023-04-05 21-21-41 - shrunk.png
During alpha testing, I may have been the person responsible for this new error message. I have an old 320G drive that I put into an external USB 2 case and lugged around with me to connect to my laptop on the go. I've shucked the USB case and put it into an older PC for SpinRite testing. That drive seems to have taken a few bumps along the way, and has sections that give this error. For my drive, I HAVE to power cycle it when it gets into this state. 99% of the drive works fine... and I have been able to force the drive to "correct" some of the areas using SpinRite. I left some of them for continued/future testing, as there is no data of value to me on this drive. I posted here to note that, if you know the history of the drive, it may be that it could still be "recovered" (you will probably lose data) enough for continued use, but I wouldn't put my most valuable data on it.