SQRL account & login errors

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Jul 15, 2021
I'm getting errors when I try to dis/associate & login using SQRL. Not sure if i should post this on the SQRL or the SQRL forms (or both), there are problems with both.
I try to login with my SQRL ID, and it doesn't recognize it. When I log in, the associated accounts page says there's one associated already. I try to remove it, and it stays with the account (no errors). If I'm logged in and try to associate my account, it says "You have authenticated with a different SQRL ID than the one associated with this account." This account is the only one I used. I'm getting the same error on both forums.grc.com & sqrl.grc.com. I used to be able to log in to one of them, now it doesn't work on either.
It's hard to pinpoint what's wrong here. Is it possible that you have multiple SQRL IDs without realizing it? Because there is no automatic backup or synchronization of the SQRL identity, it can be particularly easy to end up with multiple. Additionally, because SQRL can be managed solely by the end user, there is the possibility that you used one of the powerful features that caused your identity to be lost or replaced.

The sever side plugin is identical on both of those forums. Ideally, if there was another place where you used SQRL, that was based on a different server, that would be helpful for point a finger at the problem. I have lost access to my SQRL identity on this site once through no fault of my own, so I think there is still a bug lurking behind the scenes. Steve is the only one who can address this, unfortunately, and he is busy making SpinRite 6.1 so we have been loath to redirect him to look into any SQRL issues.

As I see you made the same post on the SQRL forums, let's keep any further discussion there.