Spinrite Freeze issue that was fixed

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Cyber Axe

Oct 7, 2020
Just learned that issue was fixed in a new spinrite version, i really wish i'd thought to wait after encountering that, as after years of waiting for spinrite to come out to recover my old main hard disk with the rc, in which it ended up freezing at around the 29% mark and i thought it was totally dead because of that.

This resulted in me opening the disk in an attempt to replace the heads but unbenownst to me the heads cant be replaced in a samsung drive and then ultimately when that failed and i thought there was nothing left to lose, transplanted the platters to a different hard disk (which i only did because the spindle was most definatly in the process of failing, as if you manually tried to rotate it you could feel them grind) which of course didnt work.

I'd probably have tried to mention it on spinrite.dev but for some reason i've been unable to login on the newsgroups for quite a while, i think having multiple instances of thunderbird get started up and causing them all to attempt to login caused my access to get blocked.

However I managed to use it on my new enterprise level wd gold 16tb however without issue but definatly noticed the estimation issue mentioned a few weeks back on sn, as it initially stated 36 hours and took around 42-5 if i recall correctly.
For what it's worth, it really sounds as though that drive was beyond recovery. Maybe a high-end clean room data recovery company might have been able to get something from it. But... wow... if the spindle was "grinding" in any way, that sounds as though the drive's spindle bearings were on the way out, and given how ultra delicate drive "innards" are now, it would be a miracle if data could be retrieved without some major clean room surgery.

As for the time estimation... yes... that's the last "feature" I'm working to add. (y)