SpinRite 6.1 bios based NVME?

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Jul 19, 2021
So my motherboard support CSM and UEFI boot. My main storage is 512GB m.2 nvme. (which is what I want to test) I know from SN that we don’t get native nvme until 7.1, so I am guessing it is similar to USB and based on the BIOS, if supported at all? So my first question is whether 6.1 will support nvme via the bios? My second question is if it will be a while longer, can I get a beta tester copy? I own 6.0 and contacted Greg a few months ago to track things down. If it will not be much longer I could wait until the final 6.1 release. Also, I don’t know if anyone has tested the nvme on a asus z10pe-d16.


Where NVMe is concerned, SR 6.1 will be limited to what the BIOS will allow SR 6.1 to see and do. For a fortunate few with a capable BIOS, SR 6.1 will be able to test internal NVMe, albeit very slowly due to slow BIOS I/O speed. For the rest of us, we will have to wait for SR 7.2 for native NVMe support. SR 7.1 will bring native USB support to SR.

Given that you have a UEFI motherboard with CSM support, I would not expect much from the BIOS in CSM mode.

Steve is currently has SR 6.1 running on his hardware, identifying and debugging errors and cleaning up the code. Once he is satisfied that SR 6.1 is working smoothly as intended and it is ready, it looks like there will likely be an Alpha test release for members of the SpinRite NG to test. When that phase is deemed complete, with more issues identified and resolved, there will then likely be a Beta release for registered SpinRite owners only. Sorry - no timeline guesstimates can be made for Alpha, Beta release timing.

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