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Miso hungry
Sep 26, 2020
Sushi Bar, USA
Awhile back I was looking for a easy way to download all the episodes of Security Now via the Twit website so I wouldn't have to hit @Steve 's bandwidth. There were some recommendations, and I was able to do it, but I wanted to make a quick Python script that would make it easier for less technically inclined (or lazy technically inclined) people to do so from the Twit Cachefly service, so as not to put a big strain on @Steve 's bandwidth. So here it is. Make sure you have Python installed, and added to path, then pip install requests, as that is what is used in the script. It will ask for a beginning episode number and end episode number. NOTE IT SUPPORTS 4 DIGITS FOR EPISODES... @Steve . I figured anyone here would rather have the code than an exe.