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Sep 17, 2020
London UK
This may have been answered before, but how do I search ALL the transcripts of Security Now for a particular issue without downloading every one individually?
Hey @Mervyn Haynes,

We once had that in place for the Security Now transcripts. But some time ago Google changed their API which broke our previous SN-specific search. I've poked at the issue a bit and once I'm back to work on the site to update it for SpinRite v6.1, I will definitely be fixing that.

I've also “soured” a bit on Google overall (as have so many others). Since then, another GRC server has started running an instance of ElasticSearch — for fully search-indexing these forums here to make them content-searchable. So I've been planning to see whether, as I suspect, there's an existing drop-in (probably PHP based) content indexer that I could easily deploy (without taking too much time) to create an internal (non-Google) podcast transcripts full-text search facility.
I tried to search them for the CVE-2023-24932 issue, good job I did not download all of them & search each one at a time! Think the time it would have taken me would take me past the 999 podcast!
You can restrict Google's search to a specific site by using the prefix site: . So for example you might use this search: Security Now CVE-2023-24932 which will probably not find any useful results as I don't think it's been mentioned before.
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