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Nov 1, 2020
Steve mentioned on the last Security Now that routers can't nag their owners about an available firmware update. Some routers can send email messages.

My favorite router vendor, Peplink, does do email, but the router only notifies about connection errors, not about new firmware. According to their User Guide (see link) Synology can do both SMS and Email but the manual says it can only notify with traffic reports (Network Center > Traffic Control > Report) and system/connection errors (Control Panel > Notification) nothing about new firmware.

Routers that are administered with mobile apps can, of course, notify in the mobile OS. In my experience, Eero notifies of new users but not of new firmware. Google Wifi notifies after it has installed new firmware, not before. Ubiquiti AmpliFi does not notify at all.

Anyone have good experiences with notifications from their routers?
pfsense does email notifications. I have seen notifications for new devices requesting an IP address, dynamic DNS updates, and reboots. I don't know if new firmware causes a notification, I haven't had mine long enough to find out :)
I have hard good things about Fritz box routers, but they are barely sold in the US. Are you in the US?
No, I am in UK. It was supplied free by my ISP.

Seems quite good, 4 * 1GB ports, ADSL/VDSL modem, USB port and VOIP phone ports. Also has VPN server setup built in, but not activated, for remote access if required. The only thing that I have found is missing is that I can't broadcast the logfiles to my Syslog server.
pfsense has an optional package called mailreport, that allows you to set up periodic e-mail reports containing command output and log file contents.
I have installed Draytek Vigor routers for a couple of customers. They are quite expensive, but full featured. In both cases they were also being used as VPN endpoints for remote staff to connect to the office. They do allow the log files to be broadcast on port 514 and collected by a Syslog server.

They also have multiple WAN inputs - RJ11 phone line for ADSL/VDSL, RJ45 for ethernet from a separate modem, and USB for failover access via cellphone network.
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Got an ASUS router and have to check manually so it's a recurring event in my Todoist app. For a while, though, I had VisualPing setup to keep an eye on the router page on - and that worked well... until they removed that page completely. But I can recommend VisualPing for those who can find the firmware version / download page from their vendor.