Reset Windows Certificate Management Store on 21H1?

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Dec 27, 2020
Ran CertMgr.MsC on 21H1. Did Microsoft widdle down the number of 3rd-Party Certs? Seems like that used to be quite a sprawling list there.

There are quick commands for resetting the Windows network stack, firewall settings. Is there a quick way to reset the Certificate Management Store while validating locally installed certs?


Win7 / 21H1 Update Experience
Recently updated an old Win7 Athlon X2 3GB nVidia chipset system with 8GB RAM, SSD, AMD PCI Video Card, Win10 21H1.
Contrary to past updates, the Guest account was left active.
I went ahead and deactivated the account anyway, replacing it with a "Visitor" account instead.
The update otherwise was flawless and the system runs surprisingly well, quick.

Anyway, removing/updating some old programs AutoRuns64 wasn't identifying many of the legitimately signed Windows binaries.

So I decided to checkout the certificate store.

SigCheck -tu
SigCheck -tuv

No extraneous certs appear to be present. Just the normal default certs with exception to some OEM certs. I don't intend on going through the trouble of verifying whether or not some default certs are missing.