Requiring ms accounts in windows and credential providers

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Jul 19, 2021

Does anyone know if MS’s up coming requirement of Windows 11 Pro to use a Microsoft Account for login is just a different credential provider? From what I understand Windows has a few built in like of course the normal password, but also pin and face recognition and maybe finger prints. I did notice that in MS github there are sample credential providers for Windows 7 and the API should still be there for 10 and 11. Also when googling around I found you can authenticate your windows system with a google account (work or school, likely not free). If the upcoming MSA requirement is just a credential provider I bet one could turn it off in group policy, I wish someone would check. I’ve got two installs of Windows 7 and 10 I’ve checked and group policy does allow disabling credential providers using CLSID (class ids for com I think). Here is a screen shot and links for github code and google credential provider for windows.



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