Replacing AD in Enterprise?

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Nov 9, 2020
Hi guys,

As time goes on and Windows becomes more and more obviously a security nightmare, I was wondering about alternatives to Windows in an enterprise setting.
The thing that I always wonder about is some sort of centralised Identity and Access Management solution to replace Active Directory.
Does something like LastPass or BitWarden offer cloud-native solutions that allow a similar solution to the likes of SSO in an AD environment?
And for replacing group policy as administered by AD, do solutions like Ansible offer similar features?
Also, thinking about recent topics covering software defined networking, would something like TailScale offer suitable VPN solutions?

If you were planning to build an enterprise solution from scratch without MS Windows in the mix, what would it look like?

Thanks in advance. :)
I'd probably start with Azure AD, but there are alternatives.

I took a modern approach to this question since I would go 100 Zero Trust with heavy use of the cloud. So I looked up the identity platforms that Palo Alto's Zero Trust service supports. They are Azure AD, Okta, Google Identity, and Ping. I would want the product that is most compatible with the services that I use, and I expect that to be Azure.

Gartner lists some more competitors:

The group policy question is a good one. It assumes that you're going to continue using Windows computers. This is another area where the Microsoft tool will likely be more attractive than alternatives.

I haven't spent much time on AWS Identity Services. That could be an interesting way of solving this problem with the same considerations as the other services.
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