ReadSpeed results on 2 HDDs(2TB and 18TB) and 1 SSD

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Jan 31, 2021
Driv Size  Drive Identity     Location:    0      25%     50%     75%     100
---- ----- ---------------------------- ------- ------- ------- ------- ------
 81  2.0TB WDC WD20EARS-00S8B1           103.7    96.5    84.0    69.8    44.2
 82  240GB KINGSTON SA400S37240G         263.9   335.3   340.9   457.7   352.1
 83   18TB WDC  WUH721818ALE6L4          253.9   250.6   225.9   184.0   114.6
that was first time run of readspeed ever on the HDDs, and the 18TB one was never used(ie. new)

- KINGSTON SA400S37240G is the SSD, the other two are the HDDs:
- WDC WD20EARS-00S8B1 is Western Digital Caviar Green 2TB and can only do max SATA 3.0 instead of 6.0 like the other two.
- WDC WUH721818ALE6L4 is HGST WUH721818ALE6l4 Ultrastar DC HC550 18TB, 7200RPM SATA-6Gb/S, 512MB Buffer (Helium Platform Enterprise Hard Drive, pdf datasheet here). I got this instead of WD Gold 18TB because of reading this: "I've tried WD Gold 18TB which is not very loud when doing something but it clicks every 5 seconds when idle due to PWL(Preventive Wear Leveling)." and I can confirm that this Ultrastar doesn't click at all and when it's reading/writing it kinda sounds like rain on the window sill and you can kinda feel the vibrations on the table, especially compared to WD20EARS(which you can feel none)

Here's hwinfo64 log for only the 18TB one(because this post can't be more then 10000 chars):
HWiNFO64 Version 6.43-4365

[General Information]
Drive Controller: Serial ATA 6Gb/s @ 6Gb/s
Host Controller: ATA Channel 2
Drive Model: WDC WUH721818ALE6L4
Drive Firmware Revision: PCGNW120
Drive Capacity: 17,166,336 MBytes (18000 GB)
Drive Capacity [MB]: 17166336
Media Rotation Rate: 7200 RPM
Nominal Form Factor: 3.5"
ATA Major Version Supported: ATA/ATAPI-5, ATA/ATAPI-6, ATA/ATAPI-7, ATA8-ACS, ACS-2, ACS-3, ACS-4
ATA Transport Version Supported: SATA 3.3
[Drive Geometry]
Number of Cylinders: 16383
Number of Heads: 16
Sectors Per Track: 63
Number Of ECC Bytes: 56
Number of Sectors: 16514064
Total 32-bit LBA Sectors: 268435455
Total 48-bit LBA Sectors: 35156656128
Logical Sector Size: 512 Bytes
Cache Buffer Size: N/A
Controller Type: Dual Ported, Multiple Sector Buffer, Read Cache
[Transfer Modes]
Sectors Per Interrupt: Total: 16, Active: 16
Max. PIO Transfer Mode: 4
Multiword DMA Mode: Total: 2, Active: -
Singleword DMA Mode: Total: -, Active: -
Ultra-DMA Mode: Total: 6 (ATA-133), Active: 5 (ATA-100)
Max. Multiword DMA Transfer Rate: 16.7 MBytes/s
Max. PIO with IORDY Transfer Rate: 16.7 MBytes/s
Max. PIO w/o IORDY Transfer Rate: 16.7 MBytes/s
Native Command Queuing: Supported, Max. Depth: 32
TRIM Command: Not Supported
[Device flags]
Fixed Drive: Present
Removable Drive: Not Present
Magnetic Storage: Present
LBA Mode: Supported
DMA Mode: Supported
IORDY: Supported
IORDY Disableable: Supported
Write Cache: Present, Active
S.M.A.R.T. Feature: Present, Active
Security Feature: Present, Inactive
Removable Media Feature: Not Present, Disabled
Power Management: Present, Active
Advanced Power Management: Present, Inactive
Packet Interface: Not Present, Disabled
Look-Ahead Buffer: Present, Active
Host Protected Area: Present, Enabled
Power-Up In Standby: Supported, Inactive
Automatic Acoustic Management: Not Suppported, Inactive
48-bit LBA: Supported, Active
Host-Initiated Link Power Management: Supported
Device-Initiated Link Power Management: Supported, Disabled
In-Order Data Delivery: Supported, Disabled
Hardware Feature Control: Not Supported
Software Settings Preservation: Supported, Enabled
NCQ Autosense: Supported
Link Power State Device Sleep: Not Supported
Hybrid Information Feature: Not Supported
Rebuild Assist: Supported, Disabled
Power Disable: Not Supported
All Write Cache Non-Volatile: Not Supported
Extended Number of User Addressable Sectors: Supported
CFast Specification: Not Supported
NCQ Priority Information: Supported
Host Automatic Partial to Slumber Transitions: Not Supported
Device Automatic Partial to Slumber Transitions: Not Supported
NCQ Streaming: Supported
NCQ Queue Management Command: Supported
DevSleep to Reduced Power State: Not Supported
Out Of Band Management Interface: Not Supported
Extended Power Conditions Feature: Supported, Enabled
Sense Data Reporting Feature: Supported, Enabled
Free-Fall Control Feature: Not Supported
Write-Read-Verify Feature: Not Supported
Security Feature: Supported
Security Status: Disabled
Security Locked: Disabled
Security Frozen: Enabled
Enhanced Security Erase: Not Supported
Sanitize Feature: Supported
Sanitize Device - Crypto Scramble: Not Supported
Sanitize Device - Overwrite: Supported
Sanitize Device - Block Erase: Not Supported
Sanitize Device - Antifreeze Lock: Not Supported
Device Encrypts All User Data: Not Supported
Trusted Computing: Not Supported
[Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.)]
[01] Raw Read Error Rate: 100/1, Worst: 100
[02] Throughput Performance: 100/54, Worst: 100
[03] Spin Up Time: 99/1, Worst: 99 (Data = 68,6)
[04] Start/Stop Count: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100 (Data = 1,0)
[05] Reallocated Sector Count: 100/1, Worst: 100
[07] Seek Error Rate: 100/1, Worst: 100
[08] Seek Time Performance: 100/20, Worst: 100
[09] Power-On Hours/Cycle Count: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100
[0A] Spin Retry Count: 100/1, Worst: 100
[0C] Power Cycle Count: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100 (Data = 1,0)
[16] Unknown 100/25, Worst: 100 (Data = 100,0)
[C0] Power-Off Retract Count: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100 (Data = 1,0)
[C1] Load/Unload Cycle Count: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100 (Data = 1,0)
[C2] Temperature 62/Always OK, Worst: 62 (33.0 °C)
[C4] Reallocation Event Count: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100
[C5] Current Pending Sector Count: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100
[C6] Off-Line Uncorrectable Sector Count: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100
[C7] UltraDMA/SATA CRC Error Rate: 100/Always OK, Worst: 100
[Device Statistics]
Lifetime Power-On Resets: 1
Power-on Hours: 0
Logical Sectors Written: 0
Logical Sectors Read: 74056196
Number of Write Commands: 0
Number of Read Commands: 8401
Spindle Motor Power-on Hours: 0
Head Flying Hours: 0
Head Load Events: 1
Number of Reallocated Logical Sectors: 0
Read Recovery Attempts: 0
Number of Mechanical Start Failures: 0
Number of Reported Uncorrectable Errors: 0
Resets Between Command Acceptance and Completion: 0
Current Temperature: 33 °C
Operating Temperature Range: 0 - 60 °C
Lifetime Temperature: 25 - 33 °C
Time in Under-Temperature: 0 minutes
Time in Over-Temperature: 0 minutes
Number of Hardware Resets: 14
Number of ASR Events: 4
Number of Interface CRC Errors: 0

(for the other drives, the log is attached in the 2of8 zip file)

Some more details about the 18TB one, for whoever cares for more info, is in files and screenshots attached to this post as a zip archive(had to split the archive in 8 pieces or forum won't allow the upload(too big), they're numbered in the order of what I've done to the drive, timewise). (there are screenshots of HD Tune Pro, Crystal Disk Mark, Readspeed logs, hwinfo64, HDD Low Level Format Tool log which I think it was just sending zeroes instead of using format command, hence why hwinfo64 was able to see write speed rate as 260+ MB/sec)

unpacking all 8 zips would yields this dir structure:


Here's a few screens from the zip archive, for the 18TB drive:


ok I can't attach more than 10 files (8+2 pics), I may post a few more in next post.


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